Stefan Bennett

by Jacob Smith

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Stefan Bennett grew up across the country. As a military kid he was born in New York, moved to Washington State, at 3, back to the East Coast at 5 and then finally back to Kingston, Washington during early elementary.

These cross-country moves give Stefan the ability to say he's from all-over, but then really not have much more to say. It's a trick he employees when he meets you. It's gets you talking and him listening. A state of affairs that he prefers.

Stefan says the truest thing he knows is: "I'm a pessimist." That belief is best summed up in the phrase: "Life sucks and then you die."

Stefan believes this truth was planted as he was growing up by his mother's words, "Life isn't fair."

While many hear those words from a parent as they are growing up, few, experience four suicides, and two more deaths in one year. Stefan did while in High School. Many people's parents die. But Stefan's mom's two year fight with lung cancer was different. His mother, Gwen, was a non-smoker. She was afflicted by a disease who's long-term association with the bad habit chokes funding.

After her diagnosis Gwen's first words to Stefan: "Life isn't fair."

Despite this pessimistic outlook, or perhaps because of it, Stefan is constantly looking to make life "suck less" for himself and those around him. Stefan's reaction to a broken, selfish, world is to generously fix what he can.

This episode is sponsored by Zach Courter who wants to remind us all to maintain relationships with all kinds of people Especially people with whom you disagree about politics and religion.

Our music this week was composed by Jon Ross. Jon is a cellist, pursuing further study to become a certified public school teacher. He is proficient in voice, piano, guitar and cello. And is one of the funniest people I know.