Elizabeth Peter

by Jacob Smith

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The truest thing Elizabeth knows is that you have to tell the people you love, you love them, every chance you get.

Elizabeth describes her childhood as being full loved. She has heard it so much throughout her life that she has absolutely no doubt in the core of her being that her family loves her. That's where this started.

Through college she had experiences where that love was shown to friends and taken advantage of. But she doesn't regret those relationships. It's so clear that she gives love freely.

I think she give loves freely because she has been shown love freely. And because she needs love, lots of love.

Elizabeth says, telling people I love you every day is important because, "Each day I'm a different person." There is so much in that sentence. Elizabeth wants her loved ones to know that she loves them today, with all the history, with exactly where she is at, no matter what.

Elizabeth is vulnerable in a way that is remarkable and compelling. After editing the episode I couldn't believe there was so much in just 17 minutes.

The music in this podcast was composed by my cousin-in-law, Matt Strutynski. Yes cousin-in-law is a thing. If you get a chance to see him, and it's not hard, he plays a lot. Do it.

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